CSE-GOR  letter of intent to acquire SPLIFFIN.COM business, marijuana related stocks on CSE and TSX, since September 2017 have skyrocketed due to upcoming July 1, 2018 new CANADA legislations.

CSE-GOR a new player with related group promoting CSE-MYM.

TSX-RSV  cannabis related minerals for grow soils, affiliated with directors of TSX-LIB and CSE-GOR. 

Liberty Leaf   TSX listed LiB $0.17, has signed several MOU'S with USA California based Marijuana research Cannabis producer, and medical marijuana producer, as well as edibles and beverages group, made first loan payment as part of agreement for minority interest FEB. 13, 2017.

​​Organigram  TSX Listed symbol OGi     $2.54            Licence in Canada, grows and supplies medicinal, visit website for more info. 11/14/16 $3.99

 Now   symbol  WEED,  Canopy Growth Toronto Listed CGC  $8.29                Licence in Canada, branding with Snoop Dogg and others, visit website for more info.  Financial results exceeded analysts estimates. 11/14/16 $11.16

Ashburton Resources TSX-Listed symbol ABR, with zeolite quarry in BC, 15 minutes from railline, and highways,  with over 10,000 tonnes stockpiled zeolite on surface, crusher and excavation equipment on site. Had independent research lab conduct tests to determine suitability for cannabis commercial operations, positive results, traded as high as $0.23 week of July 1, settled back to below 15 cents. Zeolite and related products utilized in cannabis commerical operations ,was found to

Canada to legalize recreational marijuana and other related issues JULY 1, 2018

Canada set to legalize recreational marijuana possession and limited personal growing. 04/13/2017

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Marapharm   CSE Listed symbol MDM    $1.30 Licences in Nevada, visit website for more info. 11/14/16 $1.85

Aurora  Cannabis  TSX Listed stmbol ACB  $2.03 Licence in Canada, grows and supplies medicinal visit website for more info. 11/14/16  $2.15

Aphria Inc. TSX Listed symbol APH   $3.99                  Licence in Canada, grows and supplies medicinal visit website for more info. 11/14/16  $5.22

Now symbol  WEED, Mettrum TSX Listed symbol  MT  $4.15                      Licence in Canada, grows and supplies medicinal, had a bad crop, visit website for more info. acquired by Canopy Growth, merged deal with new symbol   WEED 

​MYM  Nutraceuticals  CSE SYMBOL  MYM   03-09-17, announces 100% acquisition of HEMPMED of ontario a hemp cannabidiol extract and oil infused nutraceutical manufacturer local Toronto sales projected of $1.4 million for 2017.

TSX-CMED low cap, in high demand as TSX-ACB looking to acquire via hostile takeover.

TSX-HIP  Several licence approvals the past few weeks, up from $0.70, also a take over target of TSX-ACB